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21 March 2011 @ 02:36 pm
 A little bit late, but 
to Jewish people :)


18 March 2011 @ 02:20 pm

just a short notice...I think I will maybe return home sooner than planned. I miss my family so much I can barely stand it, thus I can´t stand my current employer. She puts so much stress on me. 
I will be leaving England soon if I won´t find another job ... :/ as if....xD

And today´s raining. It´s really cold.

I hoped to enjoy English summer...*sigh*

a beautiful Aiba for a better mood <3

scan credit: ANJ

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15 March 2011 @ 02:21 pm
Yes, spring is coming!!!!!

It such a nice weather today so I decided to go for a walk and I took my camera with me :D

On my way I was taking a photos of sakura trees. Here are some:



Sakura RakuenCollapse )

All the images taken in Hendon Central Park - London, England, 15.3.2011 by me.


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♫♪♫♪: Temtation of Wolves OST
14 March 2011 @ 12:26 pm
I have watched one really good korean movie on Sunday.

You have to watch it seriously. It was a random pick, but I am sooo glad I have watched it!!!

Words are not enough, so watch this short vid I made out of my most fav scene of this movie :D

Motto: "Better than Hana Yori Dango"
Temtation of Wolves


Pa pi pu pe pon!Collapse )
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♫♪♫♪: Temtation of Wolves OST
08 March 2011 @ 05:12 pm
Ah~ Have I ever mentioned that I have been a huge U2 fan before?
I really have.
I have loved them.

all the stuff you don´t need to read I remembered while re-listening to my fav songs of theirsCollapse )
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♫♪♫♪: u2
08 March 2011 @ 07:53 am
RankNEWS Ranking
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06 March 2011 @ 09:43 am
  Just realized this when I was browsing thru my Arashi pictures...

Just look at this one.
Ohno looks like a Teddy Bear. His smile is so gentle so cute so full of love...
His expression made me cry.
He does love him.
Everybody loves Nino. Because he´s a kind and carrying person.
I am so happy knowing he is loved so much.


Nino and his family~Collapse )

Ohno-kun, Sho-kun, Aiba-chan, Jun-kun, please continue taking care of him. Yoroshiku ne~

credits: corlee1289  and ANJ
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♫♪♫♪: moumoon - Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai
04 March 2011 @ 07:56 pm

I have watched 2 Chines movies recently and I actually liked both.

TTT__TTTCollapse )
♫♪♫♪: NewS - Aki no Sora
01 March 2011 @ 01:31 pm

This meme has been going round the LJs for a few days already and it finally made it´s way to me officially!!! Muhaha xD
So, here is mine, thanks to 
[info]azraqey who tagged me <3

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

~~~meme~~~Collapse )

And now tagging. Lol. A lot of my friends have already done it, and I don´t have so many friends, so I will just tag the remaining :)
Please enjoy doing the meme <3
</span>cutetakato </span>ggumilgeoya </span>jullie1991 </span>kankyuuhin </span>ladyninomiya </span>ninomiyalover </span>pandapaw </span>zero_shichi 
Sorry if I tagged someone who has been already tagged.</span>
27 February 2011 @ 08:07 am
 Hehe, I have to share something awesome what happened yesterday :DDD

Me, as every weekend, went to zero_shichi ´s house for our "Saturday´s session" of studying Japanese which strangely turned into "Friday´s sleep-overs" :D
We had a lot of fun, especially when we went to sleep with words like:
"Oyasumi...I am good looking man xD"

Haha, that HnA VIP room was priceless :D
And the morning wasn´t different:
"Ohayou...oh, I forgot to tell you yesterday: Sweet dreams baby xDDD"

Well, the main thing is, that on Saturday we went to Central London to do some shopping and when we were walking thru Soho we found KARAOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! It´s so small that we haven´t noticed before! It´s in the back of really small manga shop.
If there wasn´t some notice for karaoke customers on the door I wouldn´t have noticed again. So - lucky~

Though, we were too nervous to ask immediatly, so we were just walking in the shop for few minuts and then we finally ask that cute Oji-chan about karaoke, and YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! We were so excited that we can go and that they have Arashi songs(!!!!!!!) that we went right away xDDD
It cost us 10 pounds for 1 hour. Lol. I was so happy. Ore wa MAX-U deshita!!!! 8D
Totally awesome. My first karaoke experience ~

I found out that I have really silent voice, ... and the fact I can not sing at all is very well known for me....but still, I loved it!!! We have to go again Shiii~~~~
Yes, we must not forget to take the romaji lyrics printed out on the papers xDDD (the lyrics are of course in kana lol xDDD)


Today I am getting my hair cut, or at least I hope so. I so HATE my hair right now. Too long > . <
Haha, and another very important thing: Oronamin C is delicious. Mocchi chocolate and strawberry are delicious as well :D Lol, viva to Japanese food&drinks experiments :DDD
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♫♪♫♪: nishino kana - call me up
25 February 2011 @ 03:40 pm
 No more, no more you two...T_T

I can´t take it anymore...

You are too beautiful to exist in the one world at the same time...

aimiya forever
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♫♪♫♪: -"-
24 February 2011 @ 09:45 pm
 Every time, everywhere, kimi no kokoro wo misete yo~

When you read this, what do you imagine? What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Love?Collapse )

I miss you...

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♫♪♫♪: Nishino Kana - Distance
22 February 2011 @ 11:06 am


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19 February 2011 @ 06:16 pm
 "Kyaaaaa" is just perfect word for my mood now. I am so in kyaaa-ing mood!!!!!

Lotus PV is soooooooooo PERFECT HOT!!!!!! YES!!!!

I love every single bit of it.
The clothes!!! I love Aiba´s white jacket, Jun´s whole outfit and Nino´s the best.

I love the idea in the beginning of the dance of blooming flower aka Lotus. It´s perfect.
I love this choreography!!!! So cool! So perfect in every second!!! Every move of theirs goes with even the background music so well!!!
Oh, well done choreographers boys! I am so happy!!!!

And the sakura tree!!! So beautiful *_____________*
I love when we can see how the sakura blooms are slowly moving in the gentle wind behind their angsty-cool-hot looking faces :D
So perfect!

Omg! And what a shock knowing that the second falsetto "ahhhhh~" is Ohno, not Nino again!!!! AKIRA SHOCKU!!!!
But both of them did a great job! Though I still like Nino´s more, huhu. His "ahhh" is more emotional and somehow higher and cuter. Ohno´s is more like a pro´s.

Kya! And Aiba and his return of "kokoro daite" xDDDD movement!!! Pure win! And how he´s pulling his hand towards the camera *____*
Oh, Aiba. 

Pretty much to say: I have died like a billion times and was reborn to watch it over and over again. If ain´t I some awesome phoenix.

And I also love Boom Boom ^ ^ 
Sakurap is back in full bloom :D
17 February 2011 @ 09:38 pm
 I have watched this kmovie ages ago, but I kept forgetting to write the review about it. >.<
I have actually watched like 10 korean movies over some weekend, but just a few made a deep impression. So I will write just about those.

It´s weird. When I seek for korean movie, it´s either horror/thriller or romantic. o.O

movie spam~Collapse )
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♫♪♫♪: Miura Daichi - The Answer
08 February 2011 @ 02:45 pm
Lame as ever, but loved like never.

I am getting so obsessed with these two...

31 January 2011 @ 10:03 pm
 How it looks like in my hometown now :)



Photos taken by my dad.

 or link here:
31 January 2011 @ 09:10 pm
Everyone, please check out my first link on the sidebar in "links" section *hugs for who does*

Hehe, it´s not advertising at all xD I just srsly love it and I want to share the Aimiya love thru this too-much-ohmiya-obssesed Fandom :D

Please, read it, you won´t regret, I promise you <3

credit on the pic
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♫♪♫♪: HSJ - arigatou nantoka
30 January 2011 @ 03:56 am


And it´s all your fault Shichi!!! xD
(for showing me this awesome PV)

It was around 2 am when I started watching it over and over again. Now it´s 3:44 am...^^"
The song is really addictive, as the PV is.
I can´t help it.
Though, some scenes just make me laugh so much xD
The best is probably the one where one kid says :"Thanks" at 3:18 or so, but it actually sounds like :"Sex" XDDDD
But that´s ok, they are Johnny´s :D

Also. I really didn´t like the kid named Hikaru. I simply disliked his face :x
But after watching the Making of, I came to seriously like him. He has nice personality and he is really funny!
And, before I really didn´t care about Yamada and Chinen, because they were just pissing me off with them being everywhere!  but now, I don´t mind them anymore. 
Yamada is actually trying really hard in that PV to make some good impression, and I acknowledge that.

But lol at the lyrics xD
But that´s also ok. They are Johnny´s after all. :D
They can.
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♫♪♫♪: HSJ - Arigatou ...
28 January 2011 @ 10:33 pm
Yep, boredom is a pain :D
Here: bluejoh.com/cgi-bin/proverbs/proverbs.cgi

For Aimiya Kiss:
"Christmas comes but once an Aimiya kiss." sadly, true :C
"If an Aimiya kiss's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
"No Aimiya kiss is indispensable."
"Aimiya kiss before pleasure."
"An Aimiya kiss's place is in the home."
"Aimiya kiss is thicker than water."
"Many Aimiya kisss make light work."
"Out of Aimiya kiss, out of mind." xDDDDD

For Matsumiya:
"A Matsumiya a day keeps the doctor away."
"Variety is the Matsumiya of life."
"Spare the rod and spoil the Matsumiya."
"No Matsumiya, no gain."
"All is Matsumiya in love and war." I think I will start to use that xD

Ohmiya Marriage:
"Beauty is only Ohmiya marriage-deep." muhaha
"Nothing is certain but death and Ohmiya marriages." so trueeee!
"Charity begins at Ohmiya marriage."
"You can't make an Ohmiya marriage without breaking eggs."
"Love will find an Ohmiya marriage." please, let it be soon :D

Nino´s laughter:
"There are two sides to every Nino´s laughter." we know that very well xD
"Nino´s laughter is bliss." I swear I didn´t make this up!
"Every Nino´s laughter is his own worst enemy."
"Nino´s laughter is golden." I swear again!!

And one awesome Aibaka:
"As soon as Aibaka is born he begins to die." My personal favorite :DDD
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