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05 May 2011 @ 01:12 pm
KeyHole is awesome  
 After all. I just switched it on after a long time and the first thing I saw on NHK channel was Arashi singing Furusato xD
Then I switched the channel to Fuji TV and I watched some show maybe called GURUnai? <-- I am not sure...there were Daichi, Sasaki Nozomi and Masami-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were sitting at the table and trying to get the highest cheque for a food.
Masami was so cute! She definitely looks better with short hair, just a shame that the awesome bangs she had during GOLD are long now T_T
Also they showed that in the next episode there´s going to be Keii-chan from NewS!!!! Yay!

Serioulsy, every time I remember I should watch something in a real time and switch on my KeyHole I always get gold. It´s either Arashi or Masami. Happy~!

Lol, that was random.

Now something more random.
Yesterday I saw people taking down the flags in Oxford Street for the Royal Celebration. Boo~ Lucky that I took the photos before as I promised but forgot (as usually) to actually post them...> >


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ninomisakuraninomisakura on August 13th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Keyhole
ten další díl jsem neviděla...
a u mě je to úplně stejný. Nino taky vždycy má nejdýl takovej účes, který se mi líbí nejmíŇ :/