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31 December 2012 @ 01:33 pm

Strictly for friends only from now on.

Who I am:
1. A HUGE Arashi fan. If I say HUGE I mean HUGE.
2. I love them all. But If you ask me again, I would say I want to get married to Nino, or Aiba or Sho.
3. I still prefer Five-some to Aimiya. (Even thought these two brats are my OTP).
4. After a while in this idol world I came to like NewS, especially Massu and Tego who are just too cute for their own good.
5. I also came to accept HSJ! with Hikaru as my ichiban (but Chinen still irritates me, sorry >.")
6. Also like Ikuta Toma, Mukai Osamu, Matsuda Shouta, Fujiki Naohito and Ogu-san :D
7. From females I admire Nagasawa Masami and Horikita Maki.
8. Used to be an otaku.
9. Switched to jdrama and jmovies.
10. Fav anime: Card Captor Sakura and then a bunch of those no one never heard of...> >...
11. Fav manga: Kimi ni Todoke and other shoujo and shounen ai rated.
12. Loves jpop (Nishino Kana, GreeeeN, Monkey Majik, Perfume...) but sometimes flails over SHINee (esp. Onew) or Big Bang too much >.>
13. Watches figure-skating. Was damn proud when Evan Lysacek won the Olympic Gold.
14. and yes, I wished believed that Masami and Nino will get married one day respectively......well, now when Masami dates Akira, Nino can marry me Aiba ^ ^

What I think:

- Sho and Aiba should get more space in songs.
- Masami and Nino should get another drama or movie.
- Horikitty and Yamapi should get also another movie or drama, preferably Nobuta wo Produce 2nd season + final movie.
- Tego is a damn good actor. And damn cute boy for that matter.
- Johnny is an idiot for kicking Arashi out of idol magazines.
- Arashi should be more together then going solos or duos
- Plane tickets to Japan for free please :D

What I am going to do:

- Fangirling Arashi for the rest of my life.
- Study at university.
- Move to Japan. Itsuka.
- Get married. Itsuka.
- Live happily ever after. Sure.

Still wanna add me? And talk to me?



♫♪♫♪: Arashi
matsumoto-chanmatsumotochan on January 23rd, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
And it seems that we want to do the sane things xD,like:Fangirling Arashi for the rest of my life,Study at university(japanese),Move to Japan(near future )(*・∀・)/\(・∀・*),Get married(with a japanese *nyahaha*,Live happily ever after with arashi's music xD
I listen too:GReeeeN,Perfume,Kuroki Meisa,Home made kazoku,etc...You can read my friends only post too to know more about me. :)
In the past I used to be an otaku too...for some years :3 My favorite anime was Yu Yu Hakusho and like you a bunch of those no one never heard of(well just the japanese people xD)

- Plane tickets to Japan for free please :D - This just made my day <333 hahaha ~ you are awsome xD
Still want to add you xD
Kochira koso!
Patricia desu.
ninomisakuraninomisakura on January 24th, 2012 09:54 am (UTC)
Hello Patricia!

Thank you for your lovely comment!
It looks like we have a lot in common which is great!!!

I will definitely have a look at your journal and ofc adding you back <3